Sometimes  my ol'eyes miss some things on patterns and a symbol is wrong, or  a section of color  is filled incorrectly.  Every now and then my mouse chooses to skitter across the  mouse pad and I think I've caught  the track marks it's left on the chart, but   a few escape me, or  something isn't lining up quite right. You are all so great about catching things and letting me know so I can fix things.  I've decided to start posting things here, too.   If you have a pattern with an error  and want a clean copy, contact me via email  at  
Thank you!
1/24/2021  CHRISTMAS GLASS   In the center of each  of the four "crosses"  there are two stitches of that center circle that are marked red when they should be black, thus closing that center black single stitch outline.  If you have purchased Christmas Glass and would like a replacement pattern with the fix, email me at and I will send it off to you! 
6/3/2021 DESERT DAWN SHOOTING STAR  The diamond located at the top middle edge of pattern and left middle edge of pattern do not match those at the right middle edge  and bottom middle edge. All four should be the same as the pattern is symmetrical. If you would like an edited pattern, email me at 
6/7/2021 SPINNING TOPS   There isn't an error in the chart itself or the symbols, but if you look at the names of the colors next to the numbers, they are incorrect. The type shifted up somehow when the PDF was created and I did not catch it. 
10/6/2021 ROCKHOUND  There are two geode slices missing symbols. You will see that they are blank. In both cases, those spots should be DMC 333. For some reason they did not show up on the PDF.
12/7/2021 TIDEPOOL (SHOOTING STAR)  There are blank spots in the center of the design and one diamond colored incorrectly. Please email me at if you need a clean and corrected copy. 
12/14/2021 SUNRISE (SHOOTING STAR)  A couple colors got turned around in the center of the design. Please email me at for the correction. 
1/23/2022: MALACHITE  As my Ecru does not have a number, my software got confused and marked the 'X' symbol as unused. It should be Ecru. If you want an updated pattern, please email me at  
3/23/2022 MOONSTONE It's been brought to my attention that a couple of the symbols are missing on the key for the small designs for the smalls, and one triangle of large pattern has the wrong symbol.  If you want a replacement pattern, email me at
3/9/2022  ESMERELDA  The bottom right corner has extra stitches in the leaves. All four corners should be the same. If you need a patched up pattern, email me at
4/5/22  TENTMAKER SMALLS- JANUARY  It was brought to my attention that the January Tentmaker Smalls pattern was misprinted. My error- I somehow attached the wrong version of the pattern to the cover.  Changes were made and the correct version is now with the distributors and on the website, however I know that some of the goof-ups slipped through. If you need replacements, contact me at and we can work out the best way to get them to you. 
5/2/2022 TENTMAKER SMALLS, MERLIN, FAERY'S FLIGHT, UNICORN, PUMPKIN PATCH  There is a typo in the directions indicating that each small is 73w x 73h. They are 83w x 83h. The charts are all 83w x 83h, and there are no errors in the charts themselves. The error is simply in what I indicated as size for the individual smalls in the directions. If you stitch from the chart, you will be fine.