Sometimes  my ol'eyes miss some things on patterns and a symbol is wrong, or  a section of color  is filled incorrectly.  Every now and then my mouse chooses to skitter across the  mouse pad and I think I've caught  the track marks it's left on the chart, but   a few escape me, or  something isn't lining up quite right. You are all so great about catching things and letting me know so I can fix things.  I've decided to start posting things here, too.   If you have a pattern with an error  and want a clean copy, contact me via email  at  
Thank you!
7/10/24 PERIDOT  The first of the smalls has a mix up in the upper middle left quadrant. I have made the correction, and if you need a clean copy of the PDF email me at 
6/6/24 SPRING LILACS  The second small is missing three vertical rows on the right side. Somehow they got cut when I formatted the pattern.  They would mirror the three rows on the left side. If you need a  corrected PDF, please email me at
6/2/24 BIFROST BRIDGE  Apparently I packaged up my working chart for this design instead of the finished chart, and so there are a few sneaky errors in the upper left corner.  If you need the corrected PDF, please email me at
9/8/23 SALT WATER TAFFY   In the upper left corner, there is a diamond that is missing its filling. It should be filled like the others with Sulky 4014. 
8/6/23 ARTEMIS SHOOTING STAR  For some reason, while my pattern is correct, the PDF symbols for a small piece are incorrect. It is on the left side, one of the leaf-like pieces (at about the 65ish from the left and the 35ish from the top) that is in DMC 3731 is missing its tip.  I've made the correction on the PDF. If you have questions or need a clean PDF, email me at Thank you!
7/13/23 QUILTING BEE  In the inner white block, down on the bottom right side, there are two stitches that are showing as '6' (green) when they should be '5' (white).  If you need a corrected pattern, please email me at
6/11/23  AUTUMN GLASS  The bottom right two blocks somehow got shifted down a stitch.  They need to be moved up one so that the 'frames' line up with the other blocks.  If you need a corrected pattern, please email me at
5/15/23 LOKI SHOOTING STAR   There are some triangles near the center that the symbols did not come through on the PDF. They should be DMC 420.  If you need a new PDF, email me at
5/12/23 MOONSTONE SHOOTING STAR SMALLS   The smalls on page 12 & 14 are the same, so you are missing one of the four!  Email me at for a replacement page. 
3/28/23 SUNRISE SHOOTING STAR   In the center area there are a few turquoise blocks that should be yellow. Apparently I flipped them wrong! If you need a clean copy, please email me at
2/21/23 STAINED GLASS SAMPLER  In block #1, one of the corners is blue when it should be green, and  In block #7 the bottom right corner has extra stitches in the triangle shape that make it larger than the other three corners. If you would like a corrected pattern, email me at
1/17/23  SUN WARMED GLASS  There is one rectangular block of color with a point at the 42w x 52h mark on Page 1 that doesn't match the others in color. It is marked with $  when it should be the little flower symbol for DMC 954.  If you would like a corrected PDF please email me at