Sometimes  my ol'eyes miss some things on patterns and a symbol is wrong, or  a section of color  is filled incorrectly.  Every now and then my mouse chooses to skitter across the  mouse pad and I think I've caught  the track marks it's left on the chart, but   a few escape me, or  something isn't lining up quite right. You are all so great about catching things and letting me know so I can fix things.  I've decided to start posting things here, too.   If you have a pattern with an error  and want a clean copy, contact me via email  at  
Thank you!
12/13/2019  PINWHEELS   One petal of the pinwheel located  at the 50across-- 80down mark (Third row down,  second pinwheel in)  is colored with the symbol "7" (DMC 3608). It should be the same as all the others which is "." (DMC 794)